Archive: November, 2013

Avoiding Compassion Burnout

Those of us who love someone with PTSD are especially susceptible to burn-out. Compassion fatigue. Although the month of November is dedicated to Caregiver Support, every day of the year we need to support the supporters! What can we who give and love day in and day out do to keep from dying on the […]

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If there are millions and millions of people with PTSD, then there must be just as many who love them. I wanted to try to put into poem form what so many of us hold deep inside. And too often we think we are the only ones who struggle. Or if we just try harder […]

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Veterans Day: A Mix of Triggers and Honors

Veterans Day and other patriotic holidays can really catch us off guard. Ironically, the one day of the year set aside to honor our veterans is often one of the most difficult for many of them. Especially those with PTSD. And the sad thing is that most people do not get it. So how do […]

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