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Can People Be THIS Blinded by Self-Preoccupation???

What started out as an ordinary plane flight left me awestruck! No two women on the same flight could possibly have been more extreme opposites. I came home disturbed, astounded and inspired. Can people in this country be THIS blinded by self-preoccupation??? As the grateful wife of a Veteran who battles Posttraumatic Stress 24/7, I had […]

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VETERANS DAY: A Mix of Triggers, Honors and Discounts

Veterans Day and other patriotic holidays can really catch many of us off guard. Ironically, the one day of the year set aside to honor our veterans is often one of the most difficult for many of them. Especially those with PTSD. And the sad thing is that most people do not get it. So […]

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Feeling Overwhelmed?

Feeling alone, overwhelmed, helpless, abandoned, hopeless, angry, depressed, or confused? There is nothing like living in the world of PTSD. And the harder we try to fix things or understand them, the more frustrated we get! That is why so many loved ones just throw in the towel and walk away. I admire and applaud […]

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Welby’s LOVE OUR VETS PTSD Family Support Interview with RevMedia TV

This interview about PTSD and how it affects veterans and those who are close to them was with Dr. David Yanez and Welby O’Brien at the ICRS show in Orlando, June 2015. Hope you find it helpful! 🙂

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