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Winter, Holiday Stress and PTSD: Will We Make it Through?!

Winter is off to a brutal start this year for many of us.  And just the mention of the holidays and this season can send chills up our spines. Along with guilt because this should be “the most wonderful time of the year”… or so they say. Unfortunately, those who deal with the relentless demands […]

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“GreenLight a Vet” Campaign is Sweeping the Nation!

An amazing LONG OVERDUE tribute to Veterans has been sweeping the country again this year! Hundreds of thousands are responding to the campaign “Green Light a Vet!” And on our  LOVE OUR VETS – PTSD Family Support Facebook page we are seeing tremendous enthusiasm to this much deserved tribute, one of which is the photo you […]

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The Girl With the Long Tan Legs: A Wake-Up Call to All!

What started out as an ordinary plane flight left me awestruck! No two women on the same flight could possibly have been more extreme opposites. I came home disturbed, astounded and inspired. Can people in this country be THIS blinded by self-preoccupation??? As the grateful wife of a Veteran who battles Posttraumatic Stress 24/7, I had […]

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