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Restoring Hope For Families of Veterans with PTSD



LOVE OUR VETS is by far the best book I have ever read about PTSD!”
~ Vietnam Veteran and Chairman of Vet Center

“Couldn’t put this book down! Powerful! Loved the humor too. What a read! We finally have a book that deals with the reality, courage, faith and real hope for loved ones of PTSD survivors.”
~ Linda White, Wife of Vietnam Veteran

“This is the best book on PTSD and vets I’ve ever read. Anyone who works with vets or is related to a vet needs this book. You won’t regret it. As a professor, this book is definitely at the top of my reading list on PTSD. Welby O’Brien is honest, insightful and incredibly compassionate. Gutsy and sensitive. Absolutely fantastic!”
~ Dr. Steve Stephens, PhD., Author, Psychologist specializing in trauma issues, and Post-Grad Professor


“WOW, where have you been??? Thank you! A lot of the PTSD books and information do a good job at addressing the Vet, but the spouse (a key figure in recovery) at least mine, feels a little left out, in the dark so to speak. Your writings seem to address that. Thank you!”
~ Dr. Bob Lantrip, Pointman Outpost Leader, Semper Fi


“No one ever gave me anything for my wife or family. THANK YOU!”
~ A Grateful Veteran


I barely made it through the first few pages, crying. Someone understands!”
~ PTSD Survivor


“I am reading a book by Welby O’Brien, a wife of a PTSD vet, which is in question and answer format. It is full of wisdom and good ideas. I wish I had been this sane when Bob was having such trouble, but I had no idea that it wasn’t my fault, that I needed to practice self-care and letting go, and that I couldn’t find some magic fix if I just tried hard enough. This is a good resource if you love someone with PTSD.” 
~Patience Mason

(And I am so grateful for her book Recovering from the War which helped me get grounding and perspective on PTSD and my relationship with my Veteran husband. ~Welby)


“This is by far the BEST book on the market for individuals, spouses and families dealing with PTSD and a must read for all Veterans, Active Duty, Healing Heroes and their families. Thank you, Welby O’Brien for this wonderful and insightful book.” 
~Jerry Paulsen www.operationhorsesandheroes.org


“It was a life saver! And I am grateful beyond words for what it has meant to me!”
Wife of Combat Veteran


“For those of us under the stress of being caregiver to a loved one who suffers from PTSD, Welby provides a priceless resource of strength. This insightful book offers a place to start rebuilding a spiritual foundation for our own strength and healing, and a better relationship with our PTSD loved one.”
~ Cheryl, Mother of Afghanistan Veteran


“Answers for the hard questions faced by families impacted by PTSD. Timely, relevant, and important.  Highly recommended.” 
~Richard R. Blake


“My husband and I started going to a PTSD group put on by the vet center in town. I brought up Welby’s book, LOVE OUR VETS, and they said they give them out sometimes for the group. 🙂 I told them that it is one of my favorite items I own. I love the book and the support/advice offered in the book.  It helps a lot!!!”
~ Marisa K.

“To anyone who is needing encouragement & support, this book by Welby O’ Brien is a lifesaver!  
Reading LOVE OUR VETS is paying off in dividends, not only in my caregiver role with Veterans, but also in healing my own wounds & learning new ways to manage my own fears & challenges.”
~ Laura, Veteran and PTSD Survivor


“Love Our Vets” is so much more than just another book about PTSD; rather, it is a tremendously informed and informative resource for families and loved ones who struggle along with their vets to face and master the day-to-day challenges of life. While absolutely and unreservedly recommended for every community library and VA Hospital collection in the country, it should be noted for personal reading lists that “Love Our Vets” is also available in a Kindle format.
Reviewer’s Choice from Midwest Book Review


“I loved it!!!!!! I found myself laughing one minute and crying the next! I am amazed and relieved that others are going through the same trials as we are. I do not feel as alone as I did before reading it. I loved reading some of the stories to him, and I could see a bit of relief in him knowing that he is not the only one acting the way he does and he is not alone as well. We found ourselves talking about things that have happened. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone with a loved one who is a post war vet! It is a freeing feeling knowing that we are not alone, and I plan on reading the book again and again when I feel down and discouraged. LOVE OUR VETS has given me so many insights on his actions, and tools to help ease and get through the hard times.”
~ Danielle K., Wife of Iraq Veteran


“I’ve read this book TWICE. It has helped sooo much!”
~ K.R., Wife of Servicemember


“Living and working with vets from all services as well as those outside the military who live and work with PTSD sufferers will find a reading of this book helpful. This is especially true of families. This book seeks to ‘restore hope for families of veterans with PTSD.’ It certainly is on track to do just that. There is hope.”
~ Military Chaplain Ken Ruppar

“Thank you for the amazing book LOVE OUR VETS. It is an inspiration!”
~ Ela, Spouse of Active Duty Service Member


“This book is a great pep talk for spouses/caregivers, family and friends of those who have PTSD. Not only does it explain what PTS is, it gives valuable personal advice and shares testimonies of what other caregivers have experienced and how they’ve dealt with their different situations. This book is not an informational book listing places to contact or people to call. It is a book written by a wife who loves and cares for her wounded warrior, thus on a personal level. Very well written.”
~ Areyco, Amazon.com Review


“Amazing resource for caregivers!!!  5 stars!!”
~ Hahna Leah


“THANK YOU, WELBY FOR WRITING A WONDERFUL, INSPIRING HELPFUL BOOK! I’M LOVING EVERY WORD! If you haven’t checked this out it’s for sure worth a look!”
~ Marine Momma @ Support Our Military Heroes

“This book is a MUST READ and continues to be a tremendous resource! Many spouses whose veteran has experienced, or continues to experience symptoms of PTSD, are able to glean from the wisdom and insight provided by Welby O’Brien. I personally have given this book away to those spouses who are struggling to understand what is going on with their veteran spouse and how best to maintain their own well-being. In today’s world, these precious spouses need to have a “go-by” and this is IT! I recommend this book as a MUST READ for every spouse of an active-duty military member or a veteran with PTSD! Awesome resource and makes a great gift!” 

– Dr. Susan Ruiz


“That book keeps me sane. It helped me to understand it all so much better. I refer to it all the time!”
Grateful Wife


“Sensitive and profoundly useful…a fine tool for spouses and significant others who must come to terms with the pain of PTSD and the changes it imposes on relationships.”
~ VA Chaplain


“I’ve picked up countless books about PTSD, thumbed through them, and thrown them down. I’m so glad to know there are REAL PEOPLE, going through some REALITY out there and I’m not alone. And there is real help and real advice. You can’t imagine the strength I’ve gained from it. Thank you!”
~ Renee, Loved One of PTSD Veteran


“This is an amazing resource for Military Spouses! A lot of time the focus is on the Vet, and sometimes the caretakers and loved ones get pushed under the rug. This book is for them, for us! Great stories to help you know that you are not alone, and resources we could all use!”
~ Hayley Kolb


“This book is everybody’s best friend who loves someone with PTSD. It is written by one who knows the subject only too well and also has a loving and calm voice of reason, logic and knowledge. “
~ Carol Ruplenas

“Our family has gotten so much long-overdue RELIEF and GUIDANCE from this book. THANK YOU!”
~ So Grateful


LOVE OUR VETS is just what my wife needs. Now she will be able to understand me better.”
~ Afghanistan Veteran


There are so many books about PTSD out there. If I was going to read another book about it, it was going to be real! I’m telling you…. this book helped me. I do believe what’s in this book is sound advice for anyone who wants to learn not just about PTSD, but how to really love someone who suffers from PTSD. If I had the money and thought some certain people would actually read it, I’d be sending it out to relatives on both sides of our family, because there are so many facets to this life that we can’t explain to others. If you’re the parent, in-law, sibling, cousin, girlfriend, friend, co-worker, mentor, counselor, boss, or acquaintance of a veteran with PTSD, I challenge you to read LOVE OUR VETS.  It’s a good tool to have in your belt no matter how far into the journey you are.”
~ Marine Wife Unplugged


“Without this book, I don’t think I would have been able to make it this far. So relieved to know I’m not alone after a long time of thinking no one could possibly know what we live with everyday!”
~ B.L., Wife of Warrior


LOVE OUR VETS is my GO TO book! I use it all the time. THANK YOU!”
~ G.S.


“I wish I was rich. I would buy this book for all my veteran friends and their families so they knew there was hope!”
Diane Parslow


“Thank you to all who contributed to this wonderful book. The question-answer format and inclusion of real stories and experiences makes LOVE OUR VETS a unique and valuable resource that I’m certain will provide both practical and emotional support to countless loved ones of veterans.” 
~ Suzanne Best, Ph.D. Co-author of Courage After Fire


“I got it yesterday, have had a very hard time putting it down. Amazing book, maybe a life saver for so many of us. Thank you!” ♡


“LOVE OUR VETS offers insight not found in previous publications that I have read. Being a Vietnam vet diagnosed with the disorder, I can appreciate Welby’s call for support from those closest to the problem. Those that love us!”
~ Jerry W. Keen, Command Master Chief, USN (ret). Chairman, Clark County Veterans Assistance Center


“…practical and authentic wisdom. Full of real questions and real answers.”
~ Eric E. Mueller, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

From A Spouse’s Story on Facebook:

“To start with, I receive nothing from posting this. And I do NOT advertise for anyone. But I have to hand it to Welby on this one. I have read only 51 pages of this book, and let me tell you it is something else! I would swear I was reading my own writings. This book so far hits PTSD right on the head of the nail, so to speak. I am VERY impressed!

“And, yes there is more: it will make you see yourself also and know how to handle a few things that you might not have thought about! It truly makes you realize that you are not alone, that others do go through the exact same things you do!

“So with that said, now I’m going to say this…and it’s something I don’t normally do. If you are new to PTSD, if you have a spouse that does not “get it”, if you are the spouse or caregiver, you have or are a parent or a loved one that just does not seem to understand, you might want to think really hard about giving them or getting this book for yourself or just as an “I care about you and us” gift!!!! I’m VERY serious!

 I think it’s the best book I have ever read!

“Thank you again, Welby O’Brien, for having the love, kindness, and compassion in your heart to think about me!”
~ Rebecca  www.aspousesstoryptsd.com


“I have personally read LOVE OUR VETS from cover-to-cover and wholeheartedly endorse this book as an excellent resource for both family members of Veterans and for Veterans / active military members themselves.  The book is written with its focus toward a family member of a Veteran with PTSD, but as an active service member, I also learned a lot from the information contained in its pages.  I have passed it on to my family members for them to read and learn from it as well, and will also recommend it to friends.”
~ Drew Deaton, President & CEO, ~HONOR THE SACRIFICE~ www.honor-the-sacrifice.org


“In tears. Welby O’Brien, you’ve given a gift to us all in sharing our side of the story. God bless you!”
~ Monica Bommarito, Operation Light of Hope


“I have read many books dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and have found them to be of questionable value for me. This book is a good read, and for anyone who is working with someone who is in a relationship to a veteran with PTSD, this will be a most helpful book that they can put into the hands of the counselee.”
~ Military Chaplain Roy W. Ludlow


“I found myself laughing, crying and empathizing with the problems our returning vets deal with. These brave men and women need our thanks, our help and perhaps most of all our gratitude for our ability to live in freedom when the price they pay and continue to pay is so dear.”
Gail Welborn, Book Reviewer


“We have received your book and we are stuck on it! The first few pages had so much information and hope for families it has been hard to put it down! Thank you for your support and we will surely be telling everyone to check out this book. It is beyond amazing!!”
~ Gold Star Family of Marine LCPL Nathaniel ‘Nate’ Schultz
4/30/91 KIA 8/21/10  Until Every Troop Comes Home


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