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Why You Should Be Prepared for PTSD

Posted on :  Why You Should Be Prepared for PTSD August 22, 2013  Welby O’Brien Do you have any idea that the one you tearfully bid farewell may never be in your arms again — at least not like you remember them? If your servicemember has experienced any level of combat, he or she could […]

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PTSD: A Two-Way Barricade

  In the aftermath of a recent medical “procedure” (euphemism for torture), I gained a new insight on PTSD. It all started when the nurse could not get my veins to take the IV (I don’t blame them!). After the back of my poor hand morphed into a human pin cushion, I finally burst out […]

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PTSD Sees No Options

Ever wonder why it is so hard for those with PTSD to make decisions, or why they feel so overwhelmed, or why giving up sometimes seems to be the only option? It can be so frustrating when our loved ones seem to recoil at the thought of making a decision, or just see a situation […]

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PTSD and Fireworks Don’t Mix

Independence Day and other patriotic holidays are a blast! Party time! For many. But for others, this “blast” propels them right back into the heat of battle. Physically and emotionally. How ironic and gut wrenching that the very soldiers who sacrificed so we could celebrate our freedom may be the ones who struggle most on […]

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Blasts, Bombs & PTSD

In the media frenzy following the horrendous Boston Marathon bombing, I was interviewed for a press release. Although not the world’s top expert on PTSD, I gladly offered a few thoughts I have learned from my own experience living with a veteran with PTSD, as well as what I have gleaned from others. Bombs, blasts, […]

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How Are YOU Doing?

Recently I was catching up with another wife, whose husband also struggles with PTSD. After hearing her talk about the kids, her job, PTSD, and her husband, I asked point blank: “How are you doing?”  Long pause. “How are YOU doing?” I asked again. She seemed a bit confused. Stunned. Here she was on a […]

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How Should We Treat Our Veterans with PTSD … and Are They Fragile ?

When I was first learning about PTSD, I was advised to be careful. “They are fragile,” I was told. Maybe. Maybe not. Certainly our veterans and military service members – and all those who battle PTSD –  do not wish to be viewed as fragile! But are those who face the challenges of PTSD to […]

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Amazing Story Behind the Book Cover Photo

  When we attempt a daunting task and huge undertaking, such as writing a book to help others, sometimes it is the miracles along the way that keep us going. One such miracle just happened! The day after I signed on with the publisher for Love Our Vets: Restoring Hope for Veterans with PTSD, we […]

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When They Say “I’m All Screwed Up!”

  How often do you hear your vet spewing laments like “I’m all screwed up!” or more likely “I’m just all f-d up!”  Self-abasing comments of worthlessness and hopelessness. Because of the horrific things they saw and did, many of our beloved warriors also feel they are “beyond redemption.” Whether with God or people. But […]

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Is PTSD Contagious? I Freaked Out!

Funny how living with our vets and PTSD can affect us too. And usually just when we seem to think we have it all together. HA! 🙂 This morning I was in “go” mode, on my way out for the day. On a roll and doing great! Getting ready to pull away from the curb […]

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