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Beat the Burnout!

  Desperate for a vacation in Hawaii?  Better, yet, how about a one way ticket?!  (I’ll meet you there).  🙂  Loving and caring for others can take its toll on us, especially at certain times of the year when everything else seems so overwhelming! So how do we love our vets, and those around us, […]

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Handling Hurtful Comments from Others

  “I had PTSD but I got over it.” Wow! Really???!? That comment was made by someone in a prominent government position. How about this one: “You have PTSD…at least you weren’t wounded.” Ouch. More insensitive ignorant words from someone (believe it or not) in a veterans organization. How do we as loved ones help […]

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It Hurts When He Can’t Hear Me

  Sometimes I feel just like running away. Usually it is when he cannot hear me. I feel like screaming or shouting or crying!  What will get him to come to the surface so he can be there to care? When our vets go into their caves, their safe numb place, it hurts us terribly. […]

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PTSD and Eggshells

  Are you ever afraid to say things to your vet, wondering what wild card is in place today that will set him (or her) off? Walking on eggshells and weighing every word has come to be the norm for many of us. Even though this is typical, it is so discouraging, frustrating, scary, and […]

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Fireworks + PTSD = !?!!

  Do the math: Fireworks plus PTSD equals ___ (probably any answer here would be correct!). As we near Independence Day (Fourth of July) or New Year’s Eve, many of us would rather be a firecracker than be around them. Knowing how our vets can react, we too are braced for the worst. How did […]

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Double Whammy

  How would you like to live with two vets who have PTSD?!  And you thought your daily challenges were keeping you busy. Well, last night I talked with a friend who now has two veterans living in the same house with her. Bless her heart! She and her husband graciously opened their home to […]

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Life With Our Vets: A Process in Progress

  Enjoying a lively conversation last night over dinner with some other vet wives, we landed- as we often seem to do-on the notion of learning.  One of the ladies, married for over 20 years to a veteran with PTSD said, “I’ve been learning so much about how to live over the years.  But believe […]

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