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ENTITLED? A Personal Reflection on Life

The Problem (As I See It) What went wrong??? Things are definitely NOT as they should be in this world, or in my life. Funny how we start out in life expecting things to go our way. All our needs – and wants – to be met. Of course! We are entitled to that, right? […]

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LOVE OUR VETS Guest Interview: Welby O’Brien on the Hagmann Report

Join Welby O’Brien as she shares on The Hagmann Report about PTSD, how it affects so many, and what can be done to help: (Start interview at 1:34)    

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PTSD Casts Shadow on Memorial Day Celebrations

(Chosen as Editor’s Pick on CP Blogs 2016) More than just another day off and the segue into summer, Memorial Day and other patriotic holidays are a time for reflecting, supporting and giving thanks for the sacrifices our heroes have made for us. However, what looks like a three-day-long weekend of fun, parties and picnics […]

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Navigating Around the PTSD STARTLE RESPONSE

Ever feel like you can’t move, talk, come home, wake them, or enter a room without triggering your PTSD survivor? Welcome to the world of PTSD! Unfortunately, there is no magic solution that will erase the original trauma or eradicate the ensuing perpetual survival mode. Originally a life-saving defense mechanism, the involuntary exaggerated startle response […]

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PTSD Caregivers: Growing Pains – or – Privileges?

In a recent interview I was asked, “You’ve said that many of the people who share their stories in the book Love Our Vets have grown stronger because of PTSD rather than in spite of it. In what ways have you and these other loved ones/caregivers experienced growth?”  I really had to stop and think […]

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“LOVE OUR VETS” Book Featured by NAMI

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has featured the LOVE OUR VETS book! Hope you can check out the blog. 🙂 Love Our Vets: Restoring Hope for Families of Veterans with PTSD (by Welby O’Brien)   

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Love Our Vets Interviews on “The Hub” and on “Always Faithful”

Sharing more interviews about my story, PTSD and the LOVE OUR VETS book. I hope you find encouragement for yourself and to share with someone else. 🙂 The Hub: Always Faithful:

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Faith Talk Live Interview for LOVE OUR VETS

Got 10 minutes? Had another good interview talking about PTSD, those who live with it, and the book “LOVE OUR VETS.”  The more we can spread the word the more people will be helped! LOVE OUR VETS book on Amazon  

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American Heroes Network Interview

What a privilege to be a guest on the American Heroes Network radio this week, talking with two awesome veterans who hosted the show! We talked about the pervasiveness and impact of PTSD on our Warriors and their loved ones. As well as what help and hope there is for them. If you have time, […]

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