PTSD Basics


Thousands of these helpful 2-sided cards have been requested and shared with others! Truly a timely and much needed resource! To share with ANYONE and everyone. 🙂

“This has been a help to my friends and family who just do NOT get it.”

“PTSD BASICS helps me talk with other veterans.”

“PTSD BASICS has helped ME.”

These can be printed, posted or e-mailed, and shared with all those around you to help them better understand the basics of PTSD, and what they can do to help. If you would like some (at no cost) in glossy 5×7 card stock to distribute, please contact us:


Or you can download it below from 2 options and print it out.

Note: Do not use this information to diagnose or treat any condition without consulting a qualified health or mental health care provider. If you have concerns, contact your health care provider, mental health professional, or your community health center.


PTSD Basics:


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PTSD Basics:




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