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The world of PTSD can make us feel so alone and overwhelmed! We all need peer support!

Due to many requests and a growing demand for ongoing peer support groups for  loved ones of veterans and loved ones of those who struggle with PTSD,   LOVE OUR VETS – PTSD Family Support Network, LLC  is continually compiling a data base with all known peer support groups available nationwide, and is also open to helping anyone start a group where there is none. Peer support groups are an essential lifeline!

If you know of any additional ongoing regularly meeting peer support groups for families, friends, spouses, S/O’s and all loved ones of veterans, whether through the VA, or vet centers, other organizations, or private, please Email Us the name of the contact person, their e-mail and/or phone, website , city, and state.  Or message us on Facebook .

And if you have no VA or other support group near you and want to consider starting one, we can help you with that too. Send us an e-mail ( or Facebook message. All you need is a heart and willingness to reach out.

RICH AND KAREN STRAIT (both veterans with experience leading support groups, and also battling PTSD and thriving in spite of it) MAY BE AVAILABLE TO COME HELP YOU GET A FAITH-BASED GROUP STARTED (no cost)…PLEASE FEEL FREE TO TALK WITH THEM ABOUT THAT. (Thank you Rich and Karen!)  231-288-4222.


Please help us spread the word so we can help many who are desperate for in-person ongoing peer support and connection. Thank you so much for supporting our vets and all their loved ones!


Our Mission:
To offer hope, encouragement, practical help, support and connection for all loved ones and caregivers of those who serve or have served in the military, especially if they have PTSD, as well as loved ones of all who struggle with PTSD.

So glad you are here. We are not alone!!!


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Find Local Support Groups


Find an Online Support Group

"Carers" of UK Ex-Forces with Combat related PTSD


PTSD Survivors of America

Friends and Family Peer Support

Wives of PTSD Vets Group

Wives of PTSD Vets Group


Support for Vets & family

American Gold Star Mothers

Lost child in service
Phone: 202-265-0991

Blue Star Mothers of America

Active Duty Support

Support Group for Women Coping with PTSD Combat Veteran Family Members

For Wives and Family of Combat Vets with PTSD


Caregiver Support

Anxiety and Depression Support


The Caregiver Space

Online Facebook support for caregivers

Arizona Veterans' Families

Online support for Veterans with PTSD and their loved ones
Contact: Stephanie

PTSD Break the Silence

Support for those with PTSD and their loved ones

Spouses & Family Members PTSD Support Group


Operation Family Caregiver

Caregivers of Post-9-11 Veterans or Active Duty Military

Families/Caregivers of Veterans with PTSD in Arizona


The Women of Our Vietnam Vets - The Silent Warriors

For the women who have stood beside their Vietnam Vets

The Other Wounded Warrior

For Caregivers and Loved Ones of Wounded Warriors

Warrior's Spouses

Support for Wives of Warriors

Depression, Anxiety and PTSD Support Group


PTSD Webinar Faith-Based Support Group

Monthly for Veterans & Loved Ones
Phone: E-mail for more info

MilVet Peer Support for Caregivers


Faith-Based "Hope for Veterans and their Families"

Support for Veterans and families
Contact: Join group: \"Hope for Veterans and their Families\"
Phone: Chaplain Rich Strait (231)288-4222

Love Our Warriors

Peer Support for S/O's of Warriors with PTSD

Women's PTSD Support Group

Support for Women with PTSD

GOLD Hearts Veterans Advocates Support Group

Support for veterans and loved ones

NAMI Homefront


PTSD Partners Support Group Australia

Online Support for Loved ones in Australia

The Women Behind the Warriors

Support for women who care for current or prior military

The Veteran's Wife

Support Group for All Era Veteran's Wives

PTSD Projects Caregiver Support

For all loved ones of those with PTSD


For additional helpful resources for PTSD and veterans and families, see our Support Links page.


Disclaimer:  Love Our Vets – PTSD Family Support, LLC does not necessarily endorse or take liability for any of the groups or organizations listed on this page. Nor are they necessarily representative of Love Our Vets – PTSD Family Support, LLC. We share a common goal and endeavor to encourage those in need. These peer-led, self-help support groups are for personal support purposes only. They are not a substitute for informed professional medical advice, counseling or training. The groups are led by peers who do not offer professional advice or counseling.  Do not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem or any condition without consulting a qualified health or mental health care provider. If you have concerns, contact your health care provider, mental health professional, or your community health center.


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